Special thanks to:

Special thanks to:
If you AFK on Garena, please do it on empty rooms.

Garena AFK EXP Map Alternatives

Our Garena AFK maps have been circulating around the Garena servers lately.
These are called Garena exp afk maps.

Anyways, it is now officially against Garena rules to AFK on their servers using the Garena AFK map.

To legally level-up, you can use other custom maps which give faster exp than the Garena Afk map.
It's been proven now by the server packets test that the Garena AFK map Exp gain is as slow as Dota's Garena EXP gain.

The maps which have been proven to have faster EXP gain by our Indian technicians are the following:

1) Fufu United Ninja All-Stars
Download thread: http://epicwar.com/maps/66879

2) Pimp My Bloody Peon Rush
Download thread: http://epicwar.com/maps/77492

If you want us to test a map to see the EXP given per 15 minutes, drop by a comment.


@@ said...

15mins how many exp?

Pang said...

thank you
fufu ninja got big exp!