Special thanks to:

Special thanks to:
If you AFK on Garena, please do it on empty rooms.

Garena AFK EXP Map Alternatives

Our Garena AFK maps have been circulating around the Garena servers lately.
These are called Garena exp afk maps.

Anyways, it is now officially against Garena rules to AFK on their servers using the Garena AFK map.

To legally level-up, you can use other custom maps which give faster exp than the Garena Afk map.
It's been proven now by the server packets test that the Garena AFK map Exp gain is as slow as Dota's Garena EXP gain.

The maps which have been proven to have faster EXP gain by our Indian technicians are the following:

1) Fufu United Ninja All-Stars
Download thread: http://epicwar.com/maps/66879

2) Pimp My Bloody Peon Rush
Download thread: http://epicwar.com/maps/77492

If you want us to test a map to see the EXP given per 15 minutes, drop by a comment.

Garena Best AFK Map Final

by Hewre

This is the latest and the best AFK map on Garena.
Use this only if you are busy.
Delete the other obsolete versions.

Please visit for updates:

AFK maps have been adjusted by Garena to give low EXP.
Please read about the Garena AFK EXP Map Alternatives.

Garena EXP AFK Map is not allowed on Garena

Garena EXP AFK Map is now not allowed on Garena.
It has been proven that it only gives small amount of EXP compared to other Warcraft custom maps.

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Disclaimer: This map will only give you low to moderate EXP but it will allow you to go AFK. If you want to level up fast, better play some other 12 player map like Fufu Ninja. Visit www.garenaexpafkmap.blogspot.com

Garena EXP System

Gain EXP with every game played using Garena. This EXP is then converted to show the Garena level of the gamer. Higher level gamers, get more privileges in Garena.

Garena Level Privileges
• Cool room icons
• Add one extra buddy everytime you level up.
• Create clans when you reach level 25.
• Access to high level rooms like the European HLR.
• Many more functions and privileges granted in the Garena forum.

How to gain EXP Points
• Full house games with 12 players like Fufu United Ninja All-Stars will give you big amount of EXP points.
• Full house games with Garena EXP AFK map will give you low to moderate amount of EXP points.
• Staying online without playing in Garena will give you very small amount of EXP points.
• You can win bonus EXP from tournaments, events and contests hosted in Garena and the Garena forum. So be active in the Garena forum too.
• Being active in Garena community forum by creating great and helpful new topics, replying well to discussions, and participating in forum activities will provide you with EXP Points as well and more. Spammers are not welcome.

Facts about Garena EXP Points
• Games that are finished will provide greater EXP points than unfinished games.
That means games like DotA give lower EXP.

• Games with more players also mean more EXP points to each and every player in the game. That means 12 player maps FULL house give more EXP than 3v3.

Here is the EXP to Level Calculation Formula: (N*(N+1)*(N+2) + 16*N)*10
Garena notes:
Where N is the current Garena level of the user and the result is the amount of EXP required to reach to next level.

Experiencing Better Garena gaming with Gold Membership

Experiencing better Garena gaming with Gold Membership

• Gain double EXP in Garena and level up faster
• Instant entrance to almost all Garena rooms even when it's 225/225 (full)
• View Numeric or the exact value for pings in rooms and games to join the fastest gamers
• Get more Buddy List Capacity and add more friends
• Standout from the rest with an orange colored name and chat messages that are highlighted
• Have special discounts on the cool avatars being sold at the GG Avatar Shop

Garena Exp Afk Map

This is the Garena Exp Afk Map website. If you have any questions and suggestions, just post a comment.